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Hi, this is my personal home page of Information about the:
  • StingerTM Pen Pistols by Stinger Mfg. Co.
  • StingerTM Pen Pistols by R. J. Braverman
  • Model 2 Stainless Steel "Pen" Pistol by American Derringer Corp.
A company named R. J. Braverman used to market a line of Pen Pistols called Stingers, shown at the top of this page.   I had two, but found almost no information on the web about them.  So I decided I would try to collect some information about them.   Then a few things, including this site, had a new company put them in to production again.  I have recently (11/02) updated the site with some new information from this.

The Stinger is the only "legal" pengun -- legal in that it considered an ordinary pistol by the ATF.  This is because it cannot fire till it is folded into the recognizable shape of a pistol.

So you want to but one?  Don't ask me!  Check the usual sources such as and

I do NOT sell these guns or parts -- do NOT ask me!

I do NOT know where to buy them -- do NOT ask me!

Is Stinger Mfg. Company still in buisness?  No. 

Are Stinger's still being made? No.

Will I sell you one?  No.

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