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Hi, this is my personal home page of Information about the:
  • StingerTM Pen Pistols by Stinger Mfg. Co.
  • StingerTM Pen Pistols by R. J. Braverman
  • Model 2 Stainless Steel "Pen" Pistol by American Derringer Corp.
A company named R. J. Braverman used to market a line of Pen Pistols called Stingers, shown at the top of this page.   I had two, but found almost no information on the web about them.  So I decided I would try to collect some information about them.   Then a few things, including this site, had a new company put them in to production again.  I have recently (11/02) updated the site with some new information from this.

The Stinger is the only "legal" pengun -- legal in that it considered an ordinary pistol by the ATF.  This is because it cannot fire till it is folded into the recognizable shape of a pistol.

So you want to but one?  Don't ask me!  Check the usual sources such as and

I do NOT sell these guns or parts -- do NOT ask me!

I do NOT know where to buy them -- do NOT ask me!

Yo no vender estas pistolas o piezas -- no me pregunten!
No sé dónde comprarlos -- no me pregunten!

Io non vendere tali pistole o parti -- Non chiedere a me!
Non so dove acquistarli -- Non chiedere a me!

Je ne vend pas ces armes à feu ou de pièces -- ne me demandez pas !
Je ne sais pas où les acheter -- ne me demandez pas !

یا فروخت نہیں ان کے بندوقوں کے حصوں... پوچھیں نہیں!
جہاں خریدنے کے علم میں نہیں... پوچھیں نہیں!

Is Stinger Mfg. Company still in buisness?  No. 

Are Stinger's still being made? No.

Will I sell you one?  NO.

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