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Instructions -- .25 ACP

The following is known to be valid for the .25 ACP ADC Model 2 version ONLY.  It likely does not apply to any .22 LR version.  It might apply to a Braverman .25 ACP version, but till I see one I can't be 100% sure.

My .25 ACP American Derringer Corp. pistol came with a simple instruction sheet.  You can click below to see each sheet.


The .25 ACP ADC barrel does not have the tab lock that the Braverman .22 LR barrel does:

There are also no grooves in the breech plate, so the barrel can be removed or replaced at any time, safety on or off.

This view shows the firing pin extended:

This view shows the firing pin fully retracted:

Note that the safety plate has shifted and the narrow end of the opening is over the pin, which will block it from firing a round.

Before screwing the barrel back on with a new round in it, you must fully retract the firing pin.  If you don't, the pistol just might fire as you screw the barrel tight.  The instructions with the gun warn that it must be cocked twice to retract the firing pin -- I sometimes find it takes three or more tries!  You must keep cocking it till the pin fully retracts!

So here is a typical refiring sequence:

You just shot it, bang.  You must:

  1. Straighten it fully.
  2. Bend it again to re-cock it.
  3. Straighten it fully again.
  4. Bend it again to re-cock it a second time.
  5. Straighten it fully again.
Now you can:
  1. Unscrew the barrel.
  2. Remove the spent round.
  3. Load a new round into the barrel.
  4. Carefully check to make sure the firing pin is fully retracted.  If it isn't, re-cock till it is, as many tries as it takes.
  5. Screw the barrel back on.
Don't do it just like that and you will very possibly shoot yourself screwing the barrel on.

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