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Patents & Articles

The pengun is based on US patent 5,062,231 granted to Braverman & Shklyarov Nov 5, 1991 - for "Duel Profile Pen Gun" - no, it isn't spelled wrong, it is "Duel" not "Dual" on the patent.  There is another patent US 5,062,230 for a more traditional shaped pengun.  A reader tells me there was an article about it by Peter Kokalis in Soldier of Fortune June 1995.

There is an excellent article by James Bardwell I just found at that will answer a lot of your questions. is an excellent resource for many gun questions.  Just in case this link dies I have another copy of the article on my site here.

Click here for a nice article about the gun from Solider of Fortune Magazine.

Click here for another nice article from American Handgunner.  If you want the reference publication on specifically Handguns, this is the one to subscribe to.  This is a .PDF file that requires the Adobe Acrobat reader.  It is about 1.5 MB long. This copy of this article was legally purchased by me for my use.  It is copyrighted material and while you can look at this copy I bought, making your own copy or printing it would not be legal.

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