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All photos courtesy of Bob "R.J." Braverman.

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All photos in this first group are courtesy of Bob "R.J." Braverman.

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Pengun Photos

All of these made production.

Pengun Advertisements and Catalog Page

The FG Folding Gun never made production.

This is the catalog entry from American Derringer corp., who was the first distributor of the gun.

A postcard campaign after Bob took over distribution from ADC.

The Stinger Family and Carbine

These are a few items that the new Stinger Corp. came up with working with Bob Braverman.

A Real "Folder"

One of bob's early concepts that did not make production in this form.  See next section for how it was finally made as the 9mm Liberator.

The Stinger .38

This would have been an NFA weapon -- I don't believe it made production.

This next section are some photos of designs that the Stinger Manufacturing Corp. came up with after Bob left their group:

This is the pengun knife.  Not an NFA weapon, quite a few were sold.

This is the Liberator 9mm Parabellum pistol.  The size of a credit card, it shot one round.   Quite a few were sold.

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