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The Guns

Most "pen pistols" are what as know as AOW or NFA weapons.  For those of you not familiar with this, it means they are along the lines of a machine gun or short-barreled shotgun in that their transfer and ownership is closely regulated by the BATF.  Pen pistols are normally AOW's for the sole reason that they don't look like a gun.

The Stinger must be folded before it can be fired (see Page 1).  It folds to form a "handle" to grip and even a little trigger drops down.  This made it look enough like a gun to have the BATF classify it on June 7th, 1990 as an ordinary pistol (Title 1) and not an AOW.  (There are a few people who insist they are AOW's despite all the documentation to the contrary -- don't encourage them, they are just trying to get attention -- ignore them.)

It came in the three models shown above, which I have identified below.  I am also told at various times they made a .22 WRM version and a .32 ACP version.

Stinger .22 LR Version

Stinger .25 ACP Version

Stinger .380 ACP Barrel Option on .25 ACP Version

The above are the "Stinger" guns from R. J. Braverman -- the ADC Model 2 is identical except for markings (as best I know).

American Derringer Model 2, rare factory Gold Plated model  (Click image or here for bigger image).

Caliber .22 LR Rimfire
.22 Magnum Rimfire
.25 ACP
.32 ACP
.380 ACP
Operation Single Shot
Weight (empty) 5 oz.
Length, overall 5.6"  (4.2" folded)
Barrel 2" long, six grooves, RH twist of 1 in 14", 4140 ordnance steel
Receiver 303 Stainless
Handle 416 Stainless
Finish Receiver and Handle, natural stainless.   Barrel nickel plated. 
Gold plated guns were and are available.
List price (1995)
$199 USD
$249 USD

Round Bullet FPS Penetration
Remington HV .22 LR 36 gr. HP 900 8.6"
Remington HV .22 LR 40 gr. RN 870 7.4"
Winchester SuperX .22 WRM 40 gr. JHP 850 9.2"
Winchester SuperX .22 WRM 40 gr. FMJ 900 11.1"

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